Victims of Terror

On the morning of April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh parked a Ryder truck, rigged to explode, outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 168 people were killed in this attack, and until September 11, 2001, which killed 2,977 people, it was the largest terrorist attack on American soil. Understandably, for those involved, the events of that day will never be forgotten, as is the case with 12 year old, Carson, and 7 year old, Cade. You may be wondering how these children could possibly be survivors of attacks which occurred before their birth- they are not survivors, they are both victims, reincarnated.
When Carson was 5 years old she was sitting at the kitchen table painting when she said, “Okla-Oklahoma” she then turned to her mother and asked, “Do you remember the man who acted nice, but was really mean, and he drove his truck into the building?”. She showed her mother the picture she had been painting and explained, “This is the building, and you can go out here on the top.”. The painting she showed her mother was of the Murrah Building, complete with its prominent rooftop exit. Not knowing what else to think, her mom, Beth, asked Carson’s older sisters Chloe and Claire if they had told their little sister about the Oklahoma City Bombings. Not only did they not tell her, they had no idea there had ever been a bombing in Oklahoma City until Carson began recalling memories of her past life. Gradually, Carson’s memories became more specific as she informed Beth that at the time of the bombing, she was in the “baby part” of the building, referring to the America’s Kids Day Care Center which was located on the 2nd floor, and that the building caught on fire and “it all fell down”. 16 children and 3 day care employees died that day in the attack, and although Carson does not remember her name from her last life, it is likely she was one of those 19 people. Carson stated, “I just remember I missed my mom. Not my mom now, my mom from Oklahoma and how I missed her a lot.” Carson has always wanted to visit Oklahoma City, and recently she visited the memorial there with her mother. Since returning from the trip, Carson hasn’t mentioned her past life and how it ended, finally finding closure, her mother hopes.
At 2 years of age, Cade was using complex words and was capable of holding intelligent conversations with adults. By the age of 3, the topic of many of those conversations was his traumatic death in the World Trade Center attacks. His parents, Rick and Molly, became concerned when their son began crying in the middle of the night and would wake up from nightmares, screaming. He had recurring dreams that he was working in an office in a tall building where he could see the Statue of Liberty from his window. Then, something hits the building and he falls down, along with the building. It was around this time he informed his grandmother, Fae, “If you’re falling a long way, you can hear your insides rattle.”. As his dreams became increasingly vivid, he told his parents that whatever had hit the building he was working in exploded, and that when he fell, he saw himself from above, hitting the ground and described seeing his brains come out of his head before being covered in rubble adding, “I didn’t feel it because I died”. Cade had not yet begun school, his family had no connections to anyone involved in 9/11 in any way, nor had he ever even visited New York. Rick and Molly were baffled by their son describing events he was unaware had ever taken place, and they were beginning to believe he may have been a victim of the terrorist attack. In addition to the nightmares, he is scared of planes flying overhead, worrying they will fall out of the sky, a fear which began long before he had seen video of a plane crash, or had even learned planes could crash. Tall buildings also make him uncomfortable and he hates going into downtown areas. In a video of Cade driving through an urban area with his family, he is seen cowering in the backseat of the car, staring down at the floorboard and shaking his head. Momentarily looking up at the buildings he says, “It feels creepy. I just don’t like to look up. I would not like to go in that tall building, oh no… That big, shiny one looks just like the twin tower. It brings back a lot of memories. I’m not going in, okay?”. He has even insisted to his mother that his name is not Cade, and he doesn’t like it. When he asked her to change his name and told her what he’d like to be called, Molly did some research. Sure enough, it was the name of a man killed in 9/11 whose details match up exactly to Cade’s description of his past life and how it ended. His parents have not attempted to contact the man’s family. They do not want to risk damaging his family’s grieving process and do not know how to tell them they believe their son is his reincarnation. While Caleb’s nightmares about his death continue, he says he “feels more and more comfortable being 7 years old.”.
It is widely believed that because children are so uninhibited, they are more likely to remember and share memories of a past life; However, as with most theories about what happens when we die, there is no way to prove or disprove reincarnation. So many young children have recalled detailed memories of past lives, which they would have absolutely no way of knowing, unless they experienced it themselves. It is it difficult to believe all the claims are false. Aside from ridicule, there is not much to be gained from faking a reincarnation story. Whether this phenomenon is real or not, thousands of children believe they have been here before, and are traumatized by memories of their death. Unfortunately, many of them are discouraged from speaking about how they died before they were born again and with age, lose these memories; Therefore, they are unable to resolve fears left over from another lifetime. Despite what you believe, if your child believes they were reincarnated, at least do them the courtesy of allowing them to share what they remember. Often, in order to truly begin living their current life, they must feel they’ve received closure from the last.

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