Joshiah: We Are the Creators of Our Universe

Due to the best selling book The Secret, most Americans are familiar with The Law of Attraction which suggests we may change our reality by changing our thoughts. For example, if you are constantly worrying about your finances and saying to yourself over and over, “I don’t have enough money. I have so many bills and so much debt…”, you’re sending a message out to the universe and that message is, “I am and will continue to be financially stressed and in debt. That is the reality I choose to live in.”. According to the Law of Attraction, all you need do to change your reality is change your thoughts. Instead of dwelling on your current reality, you imagine the one you want. Believers of this law say if you tell yourself, “I am rich, I have everything I need or want and I am grateful for it.” and truly believe you will receive whatever it is you ask for, you will eventually see your life begin to change for the better. Quantum theory supports the belief that individual and collective energy exerted through thoughts shape our universe and goes onto suggest that we live in a multiverse; an infinite or finite set of universes which include our own. These ‘other’ universes within the multiverse are commonly referred to as “parallel universes”. Hypothetically, any and every possibility exists somewhere in the multiverse. As our universe follows its own set of rules, other universes may follow their own separate set of rules. In other words, there is a universe within our multiverse without gravity, one in 4D, and another where all living things are immortal. While many dismiss the multiverse hypothesis as pseudoscience, Stephen Hawking is one of many prominent scientists who support the theory.
Even if you are already a firm believer in all these possibilities, you probably didn’t know we’ve been being contacted regularly by an entity from another dimension for nearly fifteen years now. It sounds insane, and although I am open-minded, when my ex informed me of this, I thought she had been brainwashed by a modern day branch of Heaven’s Gate. After looking into it myself, I began to realize there might just be something to this entity, Joshiah, and his teachings. Somehow, Joshiah’s unbelievable explanation of our universe makes perfect sense, and correlates with the basic beliefs of Quantum theories and the Law of Attraction.
Until the spring of 2000, Bub Hill was just an average man living in Saskatchewan, Canada and working in real estate. Although he holds weekly meditation groups in his home, he does not consider himself to be a spiritual man in any way, and says he only practices meditation for his own personal benefit, not as a form of worship. It was at one such meditation group he began channeling Joshiah, an entity who claims to be from one of the many parallel universes within our multiverse. While Joshiah has never lived in or visited our universe in a physical incarnation, he has much insight into how it operates, and is willing to share his knowledge with us. When Bub Hill channels Joshiah, he speaks in a strange accent, much different from Bub’s and tells us our language is so limited, it is difficult for him to speak to us in a way we can understand. For Joshiah, speaking to us is similar to explaining complex concepts to a three year old. Although Bub is completely unaware of what he is saying during his channelings, when he watches back the tapes he is astounded to see how much Joshiah, when speaking through him, struggles with such simple words, while rattling off phrases Bub himself has trouble pronouncing in his waking life. People who have attended the channeling sessions report all sorts of strange happenings such as temperature fluctuation within the room and audio malfunctions. While all sessions are recorded, many parts of the tape, generally from the question and answer portion of the channeling may be omitted, and replaced with a strange, vibrating sound. It seems when an attendee asks Joshiah a very personal question which in no way pertains to the rest of the group, their answer fails to record and is replaced with this low, rumbling vibration. The tape then picks back up with the next pertinent question. Sometimes multiple voices have been heard during the play back of the tapes, when only one voice was heard by the group in attendance at the time of the channeling. This second voice is also Joshiah, speaking telepathically to Bub during his channeling and addressing a completely different subject than he was speaking on with the group. There was even an instance in which a channeling session that had lasted one clock hour was compressed to 45 minutes when reviewing the tape. The recording sounded high-pitched, like chipmunks, contrary to how he sounded in real time, but when slowed down the recording sounded as it had at the time of the session. Neither Bub, nor Joshiah claim to be able to predict large-scale future events, but there have been a handful of times Joshiah has made a near-future prediction which turned out to be true. He even once told a doctor in the audience of a channeling session that there was a very pressing matter he needed to take care of as soon as possible. This prompted the man to schedule a check up and learned he was suffering from an extrememly aggressive form of cancer which was found just in time, thanks to Joshiah.
Joshiah refers to our universe, and others, as a “vibrational level” and claims everything that has, or ever will happen anywhere within our multiverse exists in the same time and the same space. Time and space, he says, are illusions, which only exist so that everything is not happening all at once. Joshiah compares these vibrational levels and how they work to radio waves; We have the ability to tune into only one radio wave at a time, and by tuning into one we eliminate all the others, but we are still aware those other radio waves exist in the same time and space as the one we have chosen to listen to. The vibrational level we exist in is very unique due to our “veil”, a type of electromagnetic energy, which prohibits us from knowing who we are, why we’re here, and from answering all the questions we have about the meaning of life. According to Joshiah, we live in this vibrational level by choice, and we choose to stay. He insists no entity put us here, or is forcing us to stay here, and doing good deeds in this life will not promote us to a “better” vibrational level after death. Everyone on this earth, he says, has been here since the beginning of time, being reincarnated again and again. You may be wondering, why would we choose to live here? If we have the option, why not choose to migrate to a different vibrational level, one we feel is closer to our idea of “heaven” or “nirvana”? For that matter, why has everyone on earth made the decision to return again and again and again since the beginning of time? Although our vibrational level’s veil keeps us from answering all of life’s questions, it is the ONLY one that allows its inhabitants to experience emotions brought on by various situations without knowing we are in control of the outcome. Admittedly, our experience on this earth is defined by our struggles, and though those struggles may cause complications in our lives, the thought of living in a vibrational level where we knew, without a doubt, we can manifest anything we want seems a bit pointless and anti-climactic. Taking this into account, it makes perfect sense why we humans choose to live in a world where things are left to chance- or so it seems. The truth is, we can alter our reality, and we do alter it whether we acknowledge it or not. Unfortunately, we are not aware of this ability in our conscious state due to the veil, and it continues to effect us to a lesser degree in our unconscious state. If you have experience in lucid dreaming, you know once you realize you are in a dream, you can change it through your thoughts with enough concentration. It is a glimpse into our world, not as we know it, but as it truly is. Even in dreams, your subconscious attempts to create backstories to explain away strange instances where we begin to question if we are asleep. A commonly used “reality check” within dreams is to check the time on a digital clock (times displayed on digital clocks are obscured in dreams), you may find it odd that the clock reads 16:88 before suddenly remembering you dropped your phone in a puddle of water yesterday and it hasn’t been working correctly since. This is our veil’s way of preventing us from realizing our full potential. However, it also works to our benefit by keeping entities from other vibrational levels from entering our world in a physical incarnation and altering our reality. If an entity were to enter, our veil would effect them as well, rendering them unable to do us any harm because they would forget why they came here, even that they chose to come here, to begin with. While entities originating elsewhere in the multiverse are unable to intrude upon our reality, we possess the ability to create new entities within our own reality. This means if aliens, big foot, chupacabras, and other cryptids (creatures who are rumored to exist, but whose existence have not been proven by science) do exist, they exist within our reality, and it is possible, we put them here. For example, if the first chupacabra (dog-like cryptid) ever seen was just a mutated wild dog, but exaggerated stories put the idea into others’ minds that such a creature may exist, our collective consciousness’ belief in such a being could spawn the chupacabra we have imagined. Joshiah says he, and other entities living in the other vibrational levels have no interest in visiting us in physical form, or changing our reality in any way, though they are very interested in learning about our lives here in the veil and are eager to communicate with us through other means. Unfortunately, there are not many of us who are open to this idea. Along with the collective veil which exists throughout our entire universe, we each have our own, personal veil which we may choose to thin or thicken. This could explain why some people feel they are empathic, sensitive to the spirit world, or psychic while others dismiss the idea of the paranormal all together. In many instances of supposed hauntings we see two people who share a space and while one is convinced a spirit is present, and claims to have seen a ghost, the other, though they may have also had an irrefutable paranormal experience, still finds a way brush off the strange activity, even after all logical explanations have been exhausted. The former example has a thinner personal veil, while the latter has a very dense personal veil. Joshiah teaches that no matter our beliefs, we all have the ability to alter our consciousness whether we accept it or not, and we are all equal to every living thing, not only in our vibrational level, but in all vibrational levels in existence, because we are all a “piece of the one”. He says “the one”, or the entity we refer to as ‘god’ does exist, but can in no way be put into words, and that we are the collective creators of the entire universe, not any omnipotent entity. On earth, we view other’s actions as “good” or “bad”, but according to Joshiah, entities in other vibrational levels do not view our choices in this way. They do not acknowledge right or wrong, they only acknowledge the fact that we experience what we choose to experience- whatever that may be.
Because entities from other vibrational levels have never lived physical incarnations on our earth, Joshiah admits he does not have the answers to all our questions, rather he tells us things we already know but choose to ignore. Both Joshiah and Bub insist that through meditation, we are able to find all the answers inside ourselves. Asking an entity from another vibrational level to tell us about our own vibrational level is much like knocking on the door of a neighbor who has never been inside your home, and asking him if you should buy milk when you go to the store because you don’t know how much is left in your refrigerator. If you don’t know the answer to that yourself, why would you expect your neighbor to know? Joshiah and the man he communicates through, Bub Hill, have a small following. Several of those followers attend the channeling sessions not to listen, but to meditate and receive their own personal telepathic message from Joshiah and other entities which are more tailored to them and their lives. Bub does earn some money off of his channeling, but certainly not enough to provoke a 15 year long scam, and channeling attendees assure they have witnessed undeniable proof that this phenomenon is real. After about a year of channeling, Bub scanned through thousands of pages of transcripts from his sessions and put them into a book called Joshiah: Conscious Creation, Channeled By Bub Hill, which contains some of Joshiah’s teachings. Channelings are open to the public and you can receive more information on attending one by visiting Bub has over the years, often considered ending this whole “channeling business” as he blandly refers to it , but due to many emails of support, he has chosen to continue. If we are to believe everything Joshiah has to tell us, not only does it bring in to question our reality as a whole, but brings into question many aspects of our reality which have remained mysteries to us for years. Perhaps Joshiah will provide us with the tools we need to finally learn the meaning of life.

At Bub Hill’s request I will not post a video of a channeling session on this site. Please visit the Joshiah website at to watch a channeling and decide for yourself. Please note is VERY difficult to understand Joshiah’s accent at first, but transcripts of his recordings are available on the website.
Check back for future articles on Joshiah and Quantum theory.

For more information on Joshiah and Bub Hill visit:
or check out the interview with Bub Hill by Lance White on “Fireside Chat” BBS radio

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