Death Toll Rises to 301 in Turkey’s Deadliest Workplace Disaster

On Saturday, the last bodies of workers killed in Turkey’s deadliest industrial disaster were recovered from the mine in Soma, raising the official death toll to 301. A fire which broke out in the mines early Saturday morning burned 17 of the remaining bodies, requiring them to undergo DNA testing in order to be identified. Despite accusations of negligence, Soma Holding, the company which owns the mine, still insists that it was a “first-class workplace”. As of now, 24 suspects, including Soma Holding executives, the coal mine’s general manager and operations manager have been detained by police. Three of these 24 suspects are currently facing charges of multiple deaths caused by Tuesday’s disaster. While Turkish citizens are pleased that those responsible will be held accountable for their actions, this incident has raised tensions in the country. Prime Minister Erdogan, in yet another display of arrogance, was spotted taunting protesters gathered outside the mine in Soma who question his leadership in light of this, and other workplace disasters which have taken place in Turkey since his taking office.

Prime Minister Erdogan

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