Photographer Captures Couple’s Jump Into Yangtze River

A newspaper photographer assigned to photograph the severe smog near the Yangtze River accidentally caught images of a young couple jumping from the bridge. The bridge, which is just over 130 feet high is located in Wuhan in the Hubei province of China. The police identified the man as Liu Han, from an ID found in a pile of possessions the couple left at the site of their jump. Some of the other recovered items include two black jackets, a purse, bottled drinks, and a lighter. Liu Han was a 20 year old migrant worker from Caidian Town in the district of Huanpo and the woman, who was not identified, is believed to have been Han’s lover. Bystanders did not notice the couple until just before the man hit the water, and unfortunately, were too far from the woman to prevent her from jumping off immediately thereafter. Although the reason behind their suicide in unknown, the man’s uncle revealed his nephew was having financial trouble, which could have been preventing the couple from beginning a life together. His uncle had never met the woman, nor was he aware of his nephew’s relationship with her. Neither body was found, and police, stating it was extremely unlikely anyone could survive the fall, called off the search that evening after the sun set. According to the Chinese government, a Chinese citizen attempts suicide every 2 minutes and it is the number one cause of death for citizens 15 to 34. Due to its popularity as a site for couples to commit suicide, the Yangtze River has become known as a ‘Lover’s Leap’

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