Infant Dies of Starvation After Mother ODs in Apartment, Bodies Found Two Weeks Later by Infant’s Uncle

22 year old Sara Kessler with 9 month old son, Casey Kessler

On the morning of Friday March 6th, 22 year old Sara Kessler and her nine month old son, Casey, were found dead in their Millvale, Pennsylvania apartment. The bodies were discovered by Sara’s brother who was concerned after not hearing from his sister for several days. Although official cause of death is pending toxicology and histology results from the Allegheny County medical examiner’s office, it is suspected Sara Kessler died of a drug overdose. In the Pittsburg-area apartment, investigators found needles and suspect the young mother may have been a drug addict. Sara’s body was found lying across the bed and she is believed to have died one to two weeks prior to discovery. Casey Kessler’s body was found in the living room and most likely died shortly after his mother, due to starvation. Police say it appeared as though Casey had attempted to survive after his mother’s death, searching the apartment for food, but was unable to find any. Unfortunately, Sara and Casey were the only people living on the 2nd floor of the Chrismar apartment complex and only one neighbor could hear the screams and cries of Casey Kessler as he starved to death. William Gonzales told reporters, “I figured the kid was hungry or teething. I didn’t think anything of it.”. Both Mr. Gonzales, who feels guilt as the only resident who heard the cries of the dying infant, and Sara’s brother, who discovered the grizzly scene are having an incredibly difficult time coping with the untimely deaths. Sara Kessler’s mother died in the same apartment unit this past November (2014) from natural causes. According to the other tenants living in the now infamous Butler Street apartment building, Sara would go from unit to unit shortly after her mother’s death, during the Christmas Season of 2014 to tell her neighbors how depressed she had been. Having had a very close relationship with her mother, Sara struggled after her passing, according to her neighbors and family members. Kessler was described by those who knew her as a nice person and a good, protective mother with unwavering love for her son, Casey.

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