Rasputin’s Pickled Penis on Public Display in St. Petersburg

Grigori Rasputin, a Serbian faith-healer, served as advisor to the ill-fated Romanov family for many years until his assassination in 1916. Known by many as “The Mad Monk”, he has been alternately nicknamed “Russia’s Greatest Lover” due in part to the legend that in life, he sported a thirteen inch penis. Unfortunately, this legend also claims Rasputin’s member did not accompany him to the grave. There are two tales of how he parted ways with his peter; In one account, he was castrated by his assassins. The following day, the maid came to clean and being so impressed by Little Rasputin’s size, decided to keep it as a prized possession for the rest of her days. Another tale claims one of his former lovers took it as a souvenir following Grigori’s autopsy. Today, nearly a century after Rasputin’s murder, no one knows for certain whether or not he even did lose his schlong… After all, it was sch-long ago. Historical accounts provide evidence that a penis, believed to be Rasputin’s, was kept in its own little wooden coffin and worshiped in 1920s Paris by Russian ex-patriots in hopes the one-eyed monster would grant them fertility. However, it is believed this once-worshiped wiener may have been a literal wiener or other phallic object only rumored to have belonged to the famous faith healer. As most know, it would not be uncommon for a man to falsely claim his penis was thirteen inches; However, The Mad Monk’s member’s measurements do come from a reputable source. His daughter, Marie Rasputin, was the one who announced his size when she demanded her father’s penis be returned to her. She went onto assert it was only thirteen inches when flaccid and much larger when erect. Marie then commented, “Not that I would know, but…”. Once her dad’s dick was returned, Marie held onto this piece of her father until she died in California in 1977. Following her death, the cock mysteriously disappeared.

Several years later it reappeared, this time in the hands of Michael Augustine who claimed to have found the “piece” in a velvet pouch along with some of Marie’s manuscripts he had purchased at an estate sale. When he attempted to sell it to Bonham’s auction house, the penis was found to be a dried up sea cucumber. It is unclear whether the sea cucumber had been the same “penis” worshiped in France and possessed by Marie, or if it was an attempt at phallic forgery by Mr. Augustine. Either way, Rasputin’s pickled pecker was supposedly rediscovered again, this time contained in a jar of preservative fluids. It was bought from a French antiquarian for $8,000 in 2004 by a Russian doctor for display in his museum. Rasputin’s pickled pecker can be viewed today in St. Petersburg at the Russian Museum of Erotica alongside 15,000 other “sex objects”. Zoologists who have seen the majestic fandangled mandingler at the museum say it is most likely belonged to a horse or other bovine creature. To further support the widely held belief that the St. Petersburg peter is also a fake, all early accounts describe it as being mummified as opposed to preserved in formaldehyde. Nevertheless, it makes for an incredibly appropriate legend to pass down to your children. Perhaps if you are lucky, one of them will keep your penis in a little baggie and make sure everyone remembers how large and lengthy your ‘legacy’ was long after your demise.

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For more information on the Russian Museum of Erotica visit: http://stpetersburgrussia.ru/museums/erotic_museum
Or for our Russian speaking readers visit: http://www.museros.ru/

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