The Underwater Graveyards of Tryweryn Valley, Wales

July 13, 2015 rehadlock 10

 In 1956, the Liverpool City Council sponsored a private bill that was pushed through parliament which allowed the council to flood the Tryweryn Valley in Wales without the consent of local representatives. The village of Capel Celyn, located in the valley, was one of the last Welsh-only communities at that time; In 1956, the Welsh language was being oppressed both politically and socially by the British government. During a vote for the proposed drowning of the Tryweryn Valley, 35 of the 36 Members of Parliament in Wales voted against the bill, with one abstention. The villagers of Capel Celyn, Wales fought the bill […]

The Baby Grave Tree

July 6, 2015 rehadlock 4

The Toraja people of Indonesia are known around the world for their bizarre funeral rites such as Ma’nene, “The Ceremony of Cleaning Corpses”. Usually, the Toraja bury their dead in limestone cliffs in order to more easily retrieve the remains of their relatives when the time comes for them to be exhumed, groomed and paraded around their village of birth before being returned to the grave. Sometimes the bodies of children are suspended from the sides of cliffs with rope beside rows of “Tau-Tau”, life-sized wooden effigies of deceased high-status citizens. When an infant passes away before they begin teething, the baby is buried in what is known as […]