Chilling Photo Delivered to Parents One Year After Their Children Go Missing 

On Monday December 13, 1920 Jason and Jimmy Garret were playing outside when they discovered a treasure map pinned to a tree with a knife. The brothers rushed inside to notify their parents of the discovery. Mr. and Mrs. Garret believed their sons were telling a tall tale and sent them back outside; The Garret brothers did not return home. After their disappearance, family and investigators were unable to find this “treasure map” the young boys claimed to have found the last time they were seen. It is believed Jimmy and Jason went off in search of the treasure on their own but instead of leading them to riches, it lead them to a twisted killer who had left the map in hopes of luring children to their deaths. Although Jason and Jimmy Garret were never seen again, one year after their disappearance, a photo of the two boys lying in a grave with a skeleton was slipped under the front door of their former home. This terrifying tale, which has made its rounds on the internet, most likely has no truth behind it. Whether the story is a false or not, the photograph leads one to wonder the real reasons behind the capture of this fascinating photo.

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