The Devil’s Fork 

Handwriting samples are often used as a way to analyze the mental state of serial killers and mass murderers. One infamous marking found in the handwriting samples of Ted Bundy, Dennis Rader (The BTK Killer), Keith Huntee Jeaperson (The Happy Face Killer) and Cho Seung Hui (Virgina Tech Shooter) is known as “The Devil’s Fork”. 

“The Devil’s Fork” seen in Ted Bundy’s handwriting.
This odd marking generally indicates that the person believes they are possessed, or in some way controlled by the devil, leading them to commit haneous crimes. As in the case of the four major killers known for their use of “The Devil’s Fork” in their handwriting, people exhibiting this pattern in their penmanship generally have no remorse for their crimes. 

“The Devil’s Fork” seen in the handwriting of Cho Seung Hui, The Virginia Tech Shooter who committed suicide after the shooting.
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