Suicide Victims Mistaken for Halloween Decorations 

On October 26, 2005 an unnamed 42-year-old woman hung herself from a tree in Frederica, Delaware near a busy road approximately a quarter of a mile from her home. Her body could clearly be seen, suspended fifteen feet in the air, by passing vehicles. Despite the fact people living in the adjacent neighborhood first noticed the body at 7:30AM, they passed it off as a Halloween decoration. It was 11:00AM before locals became concerned and notified the police. At that time the scene was examined and the body, finally removed.

In Marina Del Ray, California, 75-year-old Mostafa Mahmoud Zayed commited suicide, shooting himself in the head on the balcony of his apartment complex in October of 2009. His body remained there, decomposing, for several days before being removed. Three days before authorities were alerted, many residents of the apartment complex had noticed his lifeless body slumped in a chair on the balcony but assumed it was a Halloween decoration.

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