The Cooper Falling Body

 In the 1950s the Cooper Family purchased an old house somewhere in Texas. Their first night in the home, the family took a photo of mom, grandma and the kids sitting around the kitchen table. When the photo was developed a ghostly figure could clearly be seen coming out of the ceiling above them. This photo known as “The Cooper Falling Body” has gone on to be listed as “One of the Most Convincing Paranormal Photos” by many Top 10 lists on popular websites.  If the photo were real, it may be one of the most convincing; Unfortunately, the infamous image of the Cooper Falling Body is a fake. While “vignetting” (dark edges seen on the corners of some photos) can be a natural occurrence, the symmetry seen in the vignetting of the Cooper Falling Body photo is fairly convincing evidence that the image has been photoshopped. Aside from that, the shadow of the falling body is not accurate in relation to the photo’s light source, suggesting the image was either digitally inserted later or was an instance of double exposure.

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