Last Photos Taken Atop Four Seasons by Student Who Fell to His Death Photographing NYC Skyline


On left, 20-year-old Connor Cummings. On right, 18-year-old Dimitri Olivares.

On Wednesday, December 30, 2015, twenty-year-old Connor Cummings a sophomore at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and his eighteen-year-old friend, Dimitri Olivares were at the 52-story Four Seasons Hotel in New York City taking photographs of the skyline.

Some of the photographs Connor Cummings took on the evening of his death. Note: These photos were not taken from the exact location Cummings fell.

Connor and Dimitri were not guests at the hotel, but were given access to one of the hotel’s restricted rooftop areas overlooking Central Park. Connor and his friend carried their photography equipment up scaffolding attached to a fenced-off area of the roof housing electrical equipment to get a panoramic shot of the New York skyline. Connor began walking backwards taking photos from one of the catwalks attached to this structure but lost his footing with the surface wet from rain. Connor Cummings slipped and fell 25 feet from the catwalk to the roof. Dimitri Olivares panicked and left the hotel, telling no one of his friend’s fall. Once Dimitri was in a cab, ten blocks away from the Four Seasons he decided to return, telling his mother and hotel security what occured. Dimitri was interviewed and later released by police.
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Photo by Connor Cummings, originally from Rockaway, NJ, taken at the Four Seasons in New York City on the evening of his death.

Photos courtesy Reddit user throwawaybcfkarma

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