Sister Smile is Dead: The Singing Nun’s Double-Suicide

April 29, 2016 rehadlock 0

    Jeanne-Paule “Jeanine” Marie Deckers, famously known as ‘The Singing Nun’, was born in Belgium on October 17, 1933. Her parents owned a bakery in Brussels and hoped Jeanine would one day take over the family business. Instead, she enrolled in art school in Paris which she attended only briefly; After a nervous breakdown prompted by a failed engagement, Jeanine dropped out of school and joined the Dominican Fichermont Convent near Waterloo in 1959 at the age of twenty-six. There, she made a vow of poverty and took the name ‘Sister Luc-Gabrielle’. For the first time Jeanine Deckers, who had had a self-described […]

SNEAK PEEK INSIDE Horrible History: Mass Suicides

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The Badung Puputan Bali 20 September 1906   In the 17th century, the Dutch began to set up trading posts throughout Bali. Originally, the relationship was solely trade-based but the Dutch admired Bali’s beauty and later set out to colonize the island. By the 1890s, after many years of war, the Dutch had taken control of the majority of Bali; Only the southern Balinese regencies of Tabanan, Klungkung, and Badung still refused to submit to Dutch rule. Despite sending a great number of troops to southern Bail in an attempt to enforce their control over the island, the Dutch were waiting […]

Horrible History: Mass Suicides NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon Kindle! 

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The new book Horrible History: Mass Suicide is now available for purchase on Amazon Kindle! With your purchase of the book you will receive a link and password to access an online media guide full of photos and videos corresponding to the content of the book. Horrible History: Mass Suicides, by the Head Writer of The Post-Mortem Post contains in-depth articles and witness accounts of The Siege of Masada, The Badung Puputan, The Saipan Suicides, The Demmin Suicides, Jonestown (INCLUDING FULL FBI “Death Tape” transcript!) and The Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God. CLICK HERE TO […]