A Nightmare Before Christmas: The Los Feliz Murder Mansion


The Los Feliz Murder Mansion

For nearly 50 years in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, California a mansion sat untouched. Having been abruptly abandoned, still fully furnished, following a murder-suicide the home became known as the ‘Los Feliz Murder Mansion’. Although the story is often exaggerated for dramatic effect, the truth of what occurred at 2475 Glendower Place is every bit as grisly as the rumors.

Harold and Lillian Perelson’s former bedroom where the murder took place.

At 4:30am on December 6, 1959 Dr. Harold Perelson went into the bedroom where his wife, Lillian, was sleeping and bludgeoned her with a ball-peen hammer.  IMG_2615.JPGHe left her to die in a pool of her own blood and went to the bedroom of his 18-year-old daughter, Judye. He struck her in the head with the same hammer in an attempt to kill her. She began screaming, “Don’t kill me”, which woke her two younger siblings, eleven-year-old Debbie and thirteen-year-old Joel. Allegedly, her father told her to “lay still” and “keep quiet”.

 When Debbie and Joel went to investigate the screams, Harold told them, “Go back to bed. This is a nightmare.”. Judye managed to escape her father and she and her siblings ran into their parents’ room where they discovered their mother lying in a pool of her own blood. The children ran out of the house and sought the help of their neighbor, Marshall Ross, who called police before going over to the Perelson’s home.


Some exaggerated versions claim Dr. Perelson committed suicide by drinking acid

There, he saw Dr. Perelson taking handfuls of pills (two doses of Nembutal and 31 tranquilizers or codeine pills) before going to lie down on Judye’s bed. Harold was dead before the ambulance could arrive.
Additional details on the Los Feliz Murder Mansion become sketchy; The surviving Perelson children have declined to be interviewed and have made ever effort to drop off the map. However, it is widely speculated that Harold Perelson’s motivation was largely financial.


 Harold had spent thousands of dollars developing a medical device which his partner stole the rights to. After a long and costly legal battle, Perelson was awarded a meager $23,956. Then, in 1957, Judye and her siblings were in a car accident. Once again, a legal battle ensued. Harold spent thousands more suing the other driver involved in the accident but was only awarded enough to cover his children’s medical bills. Shortly before the attack, Judye wrote her Aunt, telling her, “My parents, so to speak, are in a bind financially.”.


Dr. Perelson’s clothing still hangs in his closet

The family’s financial state caused Harold to become extremely depressed and suicidal. Harold had made so many attempts at suicide, the family was planning to have him committed; The Perelsons told friends and neighbors Harold was in the hospital due to coronaries following these attempts.
Over the years, many have flocked to the murder house to take photos of the eerie interior from outside.


 One of the most popular morbid talking points about the Los Feliz mansion is how it is “still decorated for Christmas, as it was on the night of the 1959 murder/suicide”. However, the Perelsons are believed to be Jewish. Some urban explorers who have entered the home claim there is even a Christmas tree although no photographic evidence exists. There are, however, unopened presents sitting on a couch in the home. It is speculated the presents and Christmas decor actually belonged to the Enriquez family that purchased the home shortly after the murder/suicide. 
Some mystery still remains around the Los Feliz Murder Mansion. According to Emily and Julian Enriquez they never spent a single night in the house. Their son, Rudy, who inherited the home from his parents also claimed to have never stayed overnight. The Enriquez family insists the home has never been used for anything but storage. But if this is the case, why would they leave out wrapped presents in their glorified storage unit? Either the presents were in fact left by the Perelson’s (which would delight true crime enthusiasts), or the Los Feliz Murder Mansion may be more sinister than anyone realizes.
 There are rumors that the Enriquez family did, in fact, live in the Los Feliz home for a very short amount of time before fleeing the house in the middle of the night on the anniversary of the murder/suicide, leaving their own Christmas decorations behind. Some speculation suggests the same forces that ran the Enriquez family from the house also influenced Hector Perelson to commit the 1959 murder/suicide.
According to a family member, Judye changed her name to detach herself from her father and the home. And reportedly, Joel Perelson moved to Israel.  Rudy Enriquez died in 2015 with no surviving family to inherit the mansion. The house was cleared out and put up for sale in March of 2016. Four months later, Lisa Bloom (Gloria Allred’s daughter) and her husband, Braden Pollock, bought the home for $2.29 million.

Below are photos of the interior of the Los Feliz Murder Mansion both before and after being cleared out. Photos in the gallery are courtesy Alexis Vaughn and Realator.com.


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