The Post-Mortem Post is a blog dedicated to death and what becomes of us after we die, both physically and spiritually. Many articles will contain graphic photos and is intended for mature adults only. While there will be plenty of “morbid” content posted to this site such as serial killers, mass suicides, and epidemics, we will also discuss lighter topics including reincarnation, near death experiences, spirits, and the afterlife. Approximately one hundred billion people have died throughout human history, yet we all fear death to some degree. This fear towards death comes from our fear of the unknown. The only way to dispel our fears surrounding death is to educate ourselves on the topic by discussing it, viewing it, even finding some humor in it. Please note none of the “morbid humor” on this site is meant with any disrespect towards the deceased. While this site is meant to ease fear towards death, it is in NO way intended to encourage you to end your life prematurely- The Post-Mortem Post does NOT condone suicide. If you are feeling depressed, please seek help.
National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Please be respectful of the deceased.
-If you leave a hateful comment aimed at the deceased and anger a restless spirit, prompting them to haunt you, I will not be held responsible.

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-R.E. Hadlock

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