‘Til Death Do Us Part: Couple Married 60 Years Buried in Double Coffin 

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14 Most Violent Valentine’s Days 14 Most Violent Valentine’s Days   In 1921, Thomas Jefferson “Jeff” Souder and Mary Ellen Souder, a couple married for sixty years died less than 48 hours apart and were laid to rest in a double coffin. The two had contracted dysentery, known as “The Flux” at that time. Dysentery is a form of gastroenteritis, usually contacted by contaminated food and water. Without treatment, a person with dysentery will rapidly lose bodily fluids leading to dehydration and eventually, death. This disease was a common killer in the 19th and 20th century before the invention of […]


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    In villages occupied by the Toraja people located in the mountains of South Sulawesi, Indonesia, Shamans have been raising the dead for centuries. While we might refer to the Indonesian walking dead as “zombies”, they are known by the Toraja people as “Rolang”, or “the corpse who stands up”. The only major difference between the Western world’s idea of a traditional zombie and the Indonesian version is that many people have witnessed the Rolang and luckily, they do not crave human flesh. According to the religious beliefs of the Toraja people, in order for a deceased person to reach the afterlife known as “Puya” or […]

Mummified Corpses of Little Girls Transformed into Russian Dolls

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 During his childhood, Anatoly Moskvin’s parents would often take him for walks through graveyards in his hometown of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Today he is a 48-year-old writer/historian and expert on historical cemeteries in his native country. Moskvin has published thirteen books, speaks thirteen languages and has been described by many as a “genius”.  Despite his success in life, he was still living in a flat with his parents, Elvira (78) and Yury (78), in 2011. Moskvin’s parents would stay at their country home each summer leaving their son alone at their flat in Nizhny Novgorod. When the elderly couple returned early […]

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Longest Epitaph in America

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The longest epitaph in the United States (and possibly the world) can be found at ‘Burial Place Hill’, a historical cemetery in Rehoboth, Massachusetts. Written by Simeon Martin, the epitaph contains 407 words laying out in great detail his family tree, childhood, employment history and notable accomplishments, along with some of his favorite scripture and poetry. In fact, the only thing Martin left out was any mention of how incredibly long-winded he was in life and even in death. This would usually be the time I would provide a little background into the life of Simeon Martin, but there’s nothing that I […]

Burying the Dead is Killing the Planet

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Burial and cremation of the deceased are rituals that began centuries ago and are by far the two most popular methods of corpse disposal in modern times. However, with rising concern about the negative effects these post-mortem traditions have on our planet, people are beginning to invent new, creative and environmentally-friendly ways to lay our dead to rest. Some of the new techniques explained below may seem a tad creepy, or even disrespectful to the deceased, but before you dismiss these new methods as an option for yourself or a loved one, take a moment to consider what the body […]