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How to Drive a Corpse Cross-Country

June 4, 2014 rehadlock 5

On May 31, 2014, 62 year old Ray Tomlinson drove from his home in Michigan to pick up his 31 year old girlfriend from a mental health facility in Glendale, Arizona, where she had been residing. On June 1st, the woman asked to stop at a gas station in Flagstaff, AZ, where it is believed she ingested a deadly amount of oxycodone. Almost immediately after returning to the van, the woman died of an overdose. Ray made a stop in New Mexico and Oklahoma, asking the woman if she would like to get out of the van. After failing to […]

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Photographer Captures Couple’s Jump Into Yangtze River

June 1, 2014 rehadlock 0

. A newspaper photographer assigned to photograph the severe smog near the Yangtze River accidentally caught images of a young couple jumping from the bridge. The bridge, which is just over 130 feet high is located in Wuhan in the Hubei province of China. The police identified the man as Liu Han, from an ID found in a pile of possessions the couple left at the site of their jump. Some of the other recovered items include two black jackets, a purse, bottled drinks, and a lighter. Liu Han was a 20 year old migrant worker from Caidian Town in […]

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Death Toll Rises to 301 in Turkey’s Deadliest Workplace Disaster

May 19, 2014 rehadlock 0

On Saturday, the last bodies of workers killed in Turkey’s deadliest industrial disaster were recovered from the mine in Soma, raising the official death toll to 301. A fire which broke out in the mines early Saturday morning burned 17 of the remaining bodies, requiring them to undergo DNA testing in order to be identified. Despite accusations of negligence, Soma Holding, the company which owns the mine, still insists that it was a “first-class workplace”. As of now, 24 suspects, including Soma Holding executives, the coal mine’s general manager and operations manager have been detained by police. Three of these […]

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Joshiah: We Are the Creators of Our Universe

May 17, 2014 rehadlock 8

Due to the best selling book The Secret, most Americans are familiar with The Law of Attraction which suggests we may change our reality by changing our thoughts. For example, if you are constantly worrying about your finances and saying to yourself over and over, “I don’t have enough money. I have so many bills and so much debt…”, you’re sending a message out to the universe and that message is, “I am and will continue to be financially stressed and in debt. That is the reality I choose to live in.”. According to the Law of Attraction, all you […]

Victims of Terror

May 16, 2014 rehadlock 0

On the morning of April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh parked a Ryder truck, rigged to explode, outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 168 people were killed in this attack, and until September 11, 2001, which killed 2,977 people, it was the largest terrorist attack on American soil. Understandably, for those involved, the events of that day will never be forgotten, as is the case with 12 year old, Carson, and 7 year old, Cade. You may be wondering how these children could possibly be survivors of attacks which occurred before their birth- they are not […]

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Turkey’s Deadliest Workplace Disaster

May 15, 2014 rehadlock 0

On Tuesday, an explosion at a coal mine in Soma, Turkey created a fire which trapped hundreds of workers underground. With as many as 200 still trapped inside, any hope of finding more survivors is beginning to diminish. So far, 245 have been confirmed dead, and all autopsies performed up to this time show carbon monoxide poisoning as the cause of death. One of the victims is believed to be a fifteen year old boy which has, among other things, raised concerns about the conditions in Turkish coal mines. It is speculated the explosion was caused by a faulty power […]

Burying the Dead is Killing the Planet

May 14, 2014 rehadlock 13

Burial and cremation of the deceased are rituals that began centuries ago and are by far the two most popular methods of corpse disposal in modern times. However, with rising concern about the negative effects these post-mortem traditions have on our planet, people are beginning to invent new, creative and environmentally-friendly ways to lay our dead to rest. Some of the new techniques explained below may seem a tad creepy, or even disrespectful to the deceased, but before you dismiss these new methods as an option for yourself or a loved one, take a moment to consider what the body […]

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May 14, 2014 rehadlock 0

The Post-Mortem Post is a blog dedicated to death and what becomes of us after we die, both physically and spiritually. Many articles will contain graphic photos and is intended for mature adults only. While there will be plenty of “morbid” content posted to this site such as serial killers, mass suicides, and epidemics, we will also discuss lighter topics including reincarnation, near death experiences, spirits, and the afterlife. Approximately one hundred billion people have died throughout human history, yet we all fear death to some degree. This fear towards death comes from our fear of the unknown. The only […]

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