Dead Bread: Artist Kittiwat Unarrom’s Grotesque Baked Goods

July 13, 2016 rehadlock 0

In 2006, Kittiwat Unarrom began baking bread in the shape of human body parts to attract customers into his father’s family-run bakery located in a small village 65 miles (105 km) east of Bankok, Thailand. Kittiwat, who learned the family business at the age of ten never intended to sell his grotesque loafs commercially. “The first series was edible, but they were not delicious.”, admitted Kittiwat who has since improved his recipe. Over the past decade, Unarrom has learned to utilize nuts, raisins, and glazes to make his edible works of art more delicious and visually disgusting. Every head, hand, foot, internal organ and […]

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7,759 People Confirmed Dead in Nepal Earthquake

October 1, 2015 rehadlock 14

 On Saturday, April 26, 2015 shortly before noon (local time) Nepal and its bordering countries suffered a 7.8 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter just 50 miles northwest of Nepal’s capital city, Kathmandu. It was classified as a IX violent earthquake and lasted approximately 20 seconds,  Thus far, 7,759 deaths have been confirmed, with 1,209 in Kathmandu alone; 3,000 deaths were reported in Sindupalchowk, the district of Nepal which suffered the most damage. In addition to the 7,652 deaths reported in Nepal, 78 died in India, 25 in China and 4 in Bangladesh. There were a total of 80 foreign casualties in Nepal from the countries of […]


October 1, 2015 rehadlock 8

    In villages occupied by the Toraja people located in the mountains of South Sulawesi, Indonesia, Shamans have been raising the dead for centuries. While we might refer to the Indonesian walking dead as “zombies”, they are known by the Toraja people as “Rolang”, or “the corpse who stands up”. The only major difference between the Western world’s idea of a traditional zombie and the Indonesian version is that many people have witnessed the Rolang and luckily, they do not crave human flesh. According to the religious beliefs of the Toraja people, in order for a deceased person to reach the afterlife known as “Puya” or […]

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Thich Quang Duc: Monk on Fire 

October 1, 2015 rehadlock 6

On June 11, 1963 amidst what became known as the “Buddhist Crisis” a Vietnamese Mahayana Buddhist monk known as Thich Quang Duc self-immolated (committed sacrificial suicide) at a busy intersection in Saigon. While Malcolm Browne’s Pulitzer Prize winning photo of Thich Quang Duc during self-immolation is one of the most famous and powerful photographs to this day, many people do not know what led the monk to end his life in protest. Thich Quang Duc was born as “Lam Van Tac” in 1897 in Hoi Khan in the Van Ninh District, Khanh Hou province of Vietnam to Lam Huu Ung and Nguyen Thi Nuong. One of several […]

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Evidence Supports Sixth Sense (PSI) in Humans

March 6, 2015 rehadlock 0

Today, many people claim to have extraordinary abilities, or a “sixth sense”: There are psychics who claim to know the future, mediums and spiritual sensitives who communicate with spirits of the dead, and telepaths who can read the minds of others, to name only a few. Unfortunately, “mediums” like Helen Duncan have caused the human race to lose all faith in people who claim to have “abilities”. When the “ectoplasm” that would manifest from her during séances so mysteriously began to take the form of a terrifyingly kitschy haunted house prop, her audiences were baffled. That was pretty short-lived once people caught on her “ectoplasm” was […]