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Stage 2: Algor Mortis

October 1, 2015 rehadlock 7

The second stage of decomposition, Algor Mortis translates to “coldness” [algor] “of death” [mortis]. Algor Mortis, sometimes refered to as the “death chill”, is marked by a steady decline in body temperature and continues until the corpse reaches “ambient temperature”, or matches the temperature of its surroundings. Algor Mortis usually sets in one hour after death, but many factors have significant influence on this phase of decomposition. Determining the correct time of death by way of body temperature can be difficult due to stability/fluctuation of ambient temperature, the thermal conductivity of the surface the corpse is on and what is […]

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Stage 4: Livor Mortis

October 1, 2015 rehadlock 11

The fourth stage of decomposition, Livor Mortis translates to “blueish color” [livor] “of death” [mortis] although it has many names including “hypostasis”, “suggillation”, “cadaveric lividity”, “darkening of death” and “postmortem staining”. Livor Mortis begins when circulation stops, blood vessels become more permeable due to decomposition, and blood settles throughout the corpse. Red blood cells, which are very dense, travel and pool in the lowest areas possible, staining the tissue. This means in a hanging death, discoloration would be seen in the feet, fingertips and ear lobes. Males who die from hanging may also acquire what’s known as a “Death Erection” (or “Angel Lust”) due […]

Infant Dies of Starvation After Mother ODs in Apartment, Bodies Found Two Weeks Later by Infant’s Uncle

March 9, 2015 rehadlock 0

On the morning of Friday March 6th, 22 year old Sara Kessler and her nine month old son, Casey, were found dead in their Millvale, Pennsylvania apartment. The bodies were discovered by Sara’s brother who was concerned after not hearing from his sister for several days. Although official cause of death is pending toxicology and histology results from the Allegheny County medical examiner’s office, it is suspected Sara Kessler died of a drug overdose. In the Pittsburg-area apartment, investigators found needles and suspect the young mother may have been a drug addict. Sara’s body was found lying across the bed and she […]