The Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam

January 11, 2017 rehadlock 1

In February of 2013, guests at the infamous Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, California began to complain of low water pressure and funny-smelling, black water that tasted horrible coming from the pipes. When maintenance man Santiago Lopez investigated the hotel’s water tanks at 10am on February 19, 2013, he discovered a naked, partially decomposed woman’s body floating face up, about a foot beneath the water’s surface. The body was identified as twenty-one-year-old Canadian tourist, Elisa Lam who had been missing for nineteen days. Five days before her body was discovered, police released a disturbing security video from the hotel’s elevator of Elisa Lam […]

The Horrific History of the Cecil Hotel

January 4, 2017 rehadlock 0

The Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles has seen more than its fair share of suicides, murders and mysterious disappearances since its opening in 1927. Built on Main Street, an up-and-coming area of the city, the opulent, art deco-style hotel promised to draw in affluent tourists and businessmen. Unfortunately, just a few years after its opening, the Great Depression hit, turning Main Street into skid row and forcing The Cecil to become a budget hotel.  Over the years, The Cecil has certainly made a name for itself. During the 50s and 60s, the location was a popular destination for suicides; So […]

VIDEO: The “Flying Tailor” Jumps Off Eiffel Tower in 1912, Dies Testing Self-Made Parachute

December 16, 2016 rehadlock 0

Francois Reichelt, nicknamed the “Flying Tailor” was an Austrian-born tailor, inventor, and parachuting pioneer. He became obsessed with developing a suit that would easily convert into a parachute, allowing aviators to survive a fall if forced to eject from their aircraft. In his initial experiments, Reichelt dropped dummies suited with his original invention out the window of his fifth-floor apartment; Although these experiments were successful, tests on subsequent designs failed. Reichelt believed this to be because he was unable to test the suit from a high enough elevation. After repeatedly petitioning to conduct an experiment at the Eiffel Tower, he was […]

Russian Government Covers-Up Details of Deadly Fire in Vladivostok

January 22, 2016 rehadlock 0

  On Monday, January 23, 2006 at approximately 11:45 AM (local time) a fire broke out inside a 9-story building in the city of Vladivostok, located on the Russian Pacific coast. The fire began on the 7th floor and affected the floors above; The 7th floor was occupied by Sberbank where the majority of employees were women 20-30 years of age. When firefighters arrived, they were instructed to enter the side of the back of the building which was not on fire and evacuate the bank’s top management staff.  Meanwhile, lower-level employees on the top floors of the front side of the burning […]

Hector Pieterson: An Iconic Symbol of the Apartheid

January 8, 2016 rehadlock 0

The Apartheid was a period of extreme segregation in South Africa beginning in 1948 and lasting until 1994. The word “Apartheid” translates literally to “the state of being separate”. During the Apartheid, citizens of South Africa were placed into one of four major groups: Black, White, Coloured or Indian, with the ‘Coloured’ and ‘Indian’ groups having many subdivision. South Aftica’s ruling party during this time, the National Party (NP), created laws to support a long-time goal of the NP; To discriminate against the black majority and give the white minority superiority. These laws banned the black population from doing business, […]

Chilling 9/11 Video

January 4, 2016 rehadlock 1

On Tuesday, September 11, 2001 New York University student Caroline Dries and her roommate, Megan, awoke at 8:46 am (EST) to the sound of what they believed to be an explosion.  When Caroline noticed smoke coming from the North Tower of The World Trade Center she began filming the events from her 32nd floor room at 200 Water Street. Their initial confusion is caught on camera as the woman speculate what is taking place a short distance away and Megan frantically explains the situation to her mother over the phone. Megan began seeing what she correctly believed to be people falling from […]

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Who Killed Kendrick Johnson?

October 1, 2015 rehadlock 5

-This article contains GRAPHIC IMAGES which may not be suitable for some- On the evening of January 10, 2013, 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson, a sophomore at Lowndes High School did not return home from school. The following day at 9AM, his body was discovered inside a rolled up wrestling mat in the gym of his Valdosta, Georgia high school. The grisly discovery was made by two sisters, daughters of the Superintendent, Wes Taylor. The girls were sitting in the gym near an area full of rolled up mats when they noticed a pair of feet inside one of them. The mat was moved from its vertical position to the […]

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Dying with Dignity: One Woman’s Willful Journey into Death

October 1, 2015 rehadlock 1

The following video documents the final days of a woman who opted for physician-assisted suicide in 2010. Seventy-four year old Michele Causse Deriaz, a resident of Toulouse, France traveled to Switzerland with her partner and a friend in order to die on the day of her birth, July 29th. Michele’s story is very intriguing; She speaks bluntly, even joyfully, on the subject of her death and has strong yet simple views on the topic of Dying with Dignity. Michele volunteered for cameras to follow her in the days leading to her scheduled death and to be present as she chose to take […]

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George Leigh Mallory

October 1, 2015 rehadlock 5

George Herbert Leigh Mallory was an English mountaineer born in Mobberley, Cheshire, England on June 18, 1886. During Mallory’s 3rd expedition to Everest in 1924 he, along with his climbing partner, Andrew “Sandy” Irvine went missing and never returned. In 1999, a team of climbers searched Mount Everest for the bodies of the two lost explorers who may have in fact been the first people to have ever reached the mountain’s peak. During this expedition, the team discovered the remains of George Mallory on May 1st with a rope, which would have at one time connected Mallory and Irvine to […]

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